I started a couple of blogs starting in 2007 to match my varying interests. Over time, I lost momentum because of the realization that the posts didn’t portray who I really was (crotchety and boring) but who I thought people would like (nice, interesting, and responsive). Ever read The Circle by Dave Eggers? I felt like the main character Mae Holland on the inside… in reality, I was probably the only one that cared. Nonetheless, I stopped blogging entirely but overtime I missed having the outlet to brain dump, so this is a do-over.

I like to eat, read, and make things when I’m not busy working to pay off my six-figure graduate loan debt and amass a large retirement fund so I can do what I want. In 2010 I took up running because my doctor told me I had to or she was going to put me on blood pressure meds. Although I was active throughout most of my childhood, I am lazy by nature and thought that maintaining a normal body weight was all I needed to stay healthy as an adult. I was really wrong. Someone recommended I read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Many half marathons and five-fingered shoes later, I have a love/hate relationship with running that continues.

If I could have a superpower, I would never sleep. Fitting that I live in a city that never sleeps for the past 10+ years, having grown up in the midwest where I spent much of my angst-ridden teen years frequenting coffee houses and being bored. I’ve been eating and running through the City as much as time allows. I sign up for races as a method of forced exercise (my stingy nature doesn’t allow me to skip a run if I paid for it), and a stupidly long commute to work allows me to catch up on my reading. (as of September 2016, I moved back to Brooklyn and now walk to work.)