Muddy Mini Half Marathon (06.17.17)

Course: Started near the Maumee theater on Conant street, ending at the Mud Hens stadium downtown
Weather: 85+ degrees F
Pace: 11:14 per mile
  • The first ever Muddy Mini Half Marathon, there was also a quarter marathon option as well (or half of a half marathon)
  • There was nothing muddy about it– it was brutally hot. The course was not shaded nor particularly beautiful to look at– some parts looked like the outskirts Williamsburg, which was strange but makes sense, since Toledo was once an industrial giant
  • I’m not sure what the “mini” referenced but maybe it was the number of water stations– there were not enough (or maybe I am spoiled from the NYRR races, which has water stops at every single mile regardless of weather conditions)
  • One water station near the end was awesome– very encouraging and cheery. One guy had a hose and I willingly got sprayed from head to toe. I’ve never been more happy
  • Ohio is very big on serving beer at the finish line. Not only was it 10 a.m. when I shuffled to the finish, but I was dehydrated and delirious from the heat– are you crazy? I was lucky to get a ride home, but what about the others who drove there and foolishly drank?