Ocean City Island to Island Half Marathon (04.29.17)

Course: 13.1 miles of awfulness

Weather: X$#%!!!! Hot and muggy, which was surprising for April– it was in the high 80s and low 90s by the time I crawled through the finish line

Pace: 12:16/mile– in other words, I walked most of it

  • Races by the ocean are never what you think it will be, and we ended up not being near the ocean or on either island that much
  • We got bussed to one island, crossed it, then ran inside a residential area and the street for the most part. We then crossed a bridge to the other island, and the last couple of miles were on the boardwalk, which should have been nice but wasn’t because there was no breeze to speak of
  • Not enough water stations– they had about 1 every 4 miles, which was not enough, considering how hot it was
  • People dropped out left and right– some of the pacers even went down, it was ugly