Tea Drunk

Where: 123 E 7th St (between 1st Ave and Ave A)
  • Did the Oolong tasting ($75 total for 2 people– includes tax and tip)
  • The Yelp reviews for this place were polarizing– people either loved or hated this place, and seems entirely dependent on whether or not they hit it off with the owner
  • I’m not sure what people expect out of a hard-core tea nerd– someone that obsessed with a singular thing will most likely lack skills in the people department. The owner was definitely abrupt and rude with us when we were browsing, and it didn’t get much better when we sat down but my expectations for great service weren’t that high to begin with
  • We tried three types of tea that were pretty good– we had the iron goddess, the phoenix and roasted oolong teas, with three steepings of each– it was a lot of liquid to drink without any food, but I was determined to drink every drop to get my money’s worth
  • This is experience is one of many “only in New York” kinds of stories, but an expensive one at that