Where: 128 1st Avenue, NYC
  • berkshire pork pot stickers: a.k.a gyoza– not the best I’ve ever had and not the worst. There was nothing unique about it
  • pork jowl musubi: melt in your mouth goodness. At $8, it’s about $4 per bite but worth it
  • opah pastrami: interesting in a good way. Looked like pastrami but tasted like sushi
  • big-eye tuna poke: meh. It was fine. Too salty. Wanted rice.
  • mochi-crusted bass: meh. The fish was fried with the skin on and the skin was slimy while the crust was crunchy, which wasn’t that great
  • pineapple braised pork belly: heart attack on a plate. If eating lard is your thing, you should go for it
  • crispy mochi waffles: the waffles had an interesting texture, and the whipped peanut butter was really good
  • chocolate haupia sundae: overwhelming portions, underwhelming flavor. The ice cream tasted like vanilla (claimed it was coconut), and the toppings weren’t anything special
  • Overall impression– good concept in theory (modern Hawaiian is rare). In practice, it’s a good date night restaurant for someone in a new relationship. High on price and high on salt. Could have used a bowl of rice. For the amount of money you pay, I would go elsewhere for better food