Where: 15 East 31st Street, NYC (between 5th and Madison Ave)
  • Pork belly rice crepe wrap– by far the one of the best things on the menu, but how can one go wrong with fat and carbs? I liked the golden soy power that lined the bottom of the dish
  • Budae jjigae– it sounds disgusting (spam, american cheese, instant ramen noodles) but tasted pretty conventional as far as flavors go
  • Shiitake bulgogi japche– very traditional, light on portions from other k-town restaurants, but wasn’t better
  • Wasabi cream chicken– popcorn sized bits with lots of good breading
  • Spicy fire-grilled pigs feet– by far the worst; not served in a way that was easily edible or that good
  • Green tea honey butter brioche with green tea ice cream– a perfect and sweet ending to the meal