United Airlines New York City Half Marathon (3.19.17)

Course: Starts near the southeastern part of Central park, heads north, exits out near 110th street on the northwest side, winds around Harlem for a bit, then comes back into the park, exits out on the south side by seventh avenue, through Times Square, down the West Side Highway, into the Battery Park Tunnel and out to the finish line
Weather: 28 degrees with gusty wind (especially near the water on the west side highway)
Pace: 10:26 per mile
  • The security line for people with no baggage was off to the side and really easy compared to times past– we got into our corrals without any trouble. All we had to do was to hold anything that was metal in our hands and show them our bib number (one of cops kept saying “bibs exposed” in a quasi-lecherous way– not sure if that was on purpose or if I was in a particularly foul mood)
  • Started at the back of Wave 2 and it seemed like forever before we made it to the start. It was freezing and I still felt the after-effects of a lingering cold. I regretted the decision to sign up a number of times while waiting and basically felt really sorry for myself but once the race got going, it wasn’t crowded and they did a good job of clearing every inch of snow from every running surface
  • The finish was different than in past years and was much improved– once we emerged from the tunnel it was only 400 meters to the finish. In the past, it was a series of winding roads that seemed to take forever before the actual finish
  • Because the end point was different, it messed with our rendezvous point but we eventually found each other without the use of technology and proceeded to eat like crazy people at 121 Fulton, then again at Black Forest Brooklyn after a hot shower and a brief nap