#8 — Fates and Furies

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff
Rating: 5/5
  • There is a line in the book where a character states that Perspective is what makes a story a tragedy vs. a comedy– to say this is a story about perspectives is an understatement. It’s also an understatement to say that it’s about the two halves that make a couple, although it is–the narrative is split into two parts, Fates (Husband) and Furies (Wife)
  • The writing style was very different from the previous book I read, and it was hard for me to understand and get into the rhythm of it at first– once you are completely immersed, it’s hard to imagine why it was so difficult
  • I read this book quickly because I needed to know what happened, but it will be worth reading over and over because it is a book where something new will be discovered every time it is read