#7 — The Nix

The Nix by Nathan Hill
Rating: 5/5
  • A mother abandons her son and resurfaces years later as the woman who threw rocks at a conservative presidential candidate. The son, a writer/professor who accepted a large advance on a second book but failed to produce one, negotiated with the publishing house to write a tell-all about his mother in exchange for not being sued
  • It starts off like Jonathan Franzen and goes off on tangents like David Foster Wallace, but the end result is less annoying than both of them combined. This is a good thing, since it’s 600+ pages long
  • I sincerely hope the author didn’t accept an advance for a second book like his main character– this novel is crammed with a lifetime of ideas, musings, and random thoughts that it will be hard to come near this book in originality without recycling or waiting 25 years to accumulate more life experience