Go Hard or Go Home Half Marathon (02.05.17)

2017 Go Hard or Go Home Half

Course: Three full loops around Prospect Park, ending with a half loop around the top half of the park
Weather: low 30s F, cloudy and windy
Pace: 10:20/mile
  • The race was dedicated to Sammy Lazhir, a young runner who died unexpectedly while in college. His family came to support the race, which was very sweet — the father and a friend spoke about Sammy before the race, and Sammy’s siblings gave out medals
  • I didn’t manage to embody the spirit of Sammy or the name of the race– I didn’t go very hard, and I very much wanted to go home, especially after the fourth time I had to run the never-ending hill near the top of the park. The last half marathon I did was in August of last year, and I could feel that with every step, especially the last three miles
  • The spitters and deep breathers were in full force, and many of them decided silently together that they wanted to use me as a pacer. Unfortunately for them, I am not nor have I ever been a very good team player–  I did team sports for years and gradually realized I didn’t care that much about winning or feeding other people’s personal need for accomplishment
  • While many aspects of running can be and is social, I prefer the solitary aspects, especially in times of stress– over time, running has become a form of meditation. It is also a good time to mull things over and be introspective. Rather than having zen or calm thoughts however, I felt myself getting distracted and enraged by the spitting, grunting and panting that was all around me. So I did the most humane thing– I pretended to tie my non-existent shoelaces and stretch so I could run the rest of the race in peace