#3 — Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn
Rating: 4/5
  • I’ve never been to a Jamaican resort, but this makes you never want to go to any of those places ever
  • It is a sad story about a family pinning all of their hopes on the youngest child (Thandi) to pull them out of poverty. Because Thandi is relatively sheltered and protected, she is oblivious to the mother and older sister’s struggles and what they’ve had to sacrifice to send her to the best schools. Instead, Thandi is consumed with self-hatred, which was the greatest lesson she learned from her very expensive education
  • To only mention the main plot is to not give this book enough credit– the novel is a rich commentary about many aspects of contemporary Jamaica: its views on homosexuality, women, and race; the semi-caste system based on years of oppression; and how the tourism industry affects the local population to name a few