Joe’s Shanghai

Where: 24 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019 (between 6th/5th Ave)
  • Chinatown food with midtown prices; the clientele is also a lot more touristy, which makes sense (we wouldn’t have been there if we weren’t doing a very touristy thing, i.e. watching an off-Broadway show)
  • The steamed tiny buns are good, but a bit too thick and doughy for my liking
  • The sautéed pea shoots were just okay– it was way too buttery and came after we ate our main dish — at $18 a plate, it should have been perfect
  • You have to add the tip before the credit card swipe, and they hover over you as you do it, so be aware– I wonder if they got burned too often by the European tourists?
  • The decor is straight from the 80s. Also, the staff break room is in the corner of the first floor dining room, which is very weird. They were eating their dinner, checking their phones and speaking loudly to their colleagues right next to paying customers who are paying steep prices for okay Chinese food