20th Anniversary 2016 Mesa Falls Half Marathon (08.27.16)

 2016 Mesa Fall HalfCourse: Starts near the lower part of Mesa Falls, located in Targhee National Park (Idaho side), then goes back into town
Weather: 40s during start, up to 80 degrees F at race end
Pace: 10:39/mile
  • The packet pick-up time frame was generous — 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. the day before the race. The packets came in potato sacks, which was a nice touch and very Idaho
  • The tech shirt was a gray long sleeve — kind of bland, but better than the typical short sleeve t-shirt. They should put a potato on the shirt for some extra flair~
  • Poor Idaho — compared to their neighbors in Wyoming and Montana, they have a hard time measuring up in the coolness factor. They tried their hardest though, and managed to get Ryan and Sarah Hall (married American distance runners) to give talks on Thursday and Friday before the race, as well as participate in the half marathon
  • The scenery unfortunately wasn’t much to look at– couldn’t see much of the falls, and the majority of the race was running through seemingly endless stretches of farmland. A mile seems like a very long distance when it’s in a straight line!
  • We were stupid to get on the first bus to the start (we got on the 7:30), and ended up freezing to death while waiting for an hour. A hint to race organizers: a bonfire or two or three?
  • As if to make up for the cold of the morning, the second half of the race was like running in an oven — there was full sun and no shade. The course is deceptively hilly without much of a break; running at high altitude also presented challenges
  • The volunteers were nice; there was pizza and cantaloupes at the end, and all finishers got a coupon to 511 Main Street for a free huckleberry shake. The medals were made out of wood and looked like a biscuit