2016 Run with the Horses Half Marathon (08.20.16)

2016 Run with the Horses Half
Course: starts on Expedition Island in Green River, Wyoming at 6:30 a.m. — cuts through town for 2 miles and then goes up a canyon road for 4.55 miles until you turn back and retrace your steps to the finish
Weather: 50-ish degrees F
Pace: 12:14/mile
  • If you are used to running at sea level, this race is painful — you start at 6100 ft and gradually climb to 7500 ft; had a headache the day before when I arrived and thought I was having a stroke during the race
  • The consolation was the amazing view– wild horses were present and watching over us curiously. It is exactly as advertised!
  • It was cold for the entire race, so aid stations every 2 miles was sufficient; volunteers were friendly and helpful
  • Not chip-timed; they scan a bar code that you tear off the bottom of your bib and hand off to a volunteer. A lot of people ripped that portion off their bibs, which caused some panic at the start