#66 — My Name is Lucy Barton: A Novel

My Name is Lucy Barton: A Novel by Elizabeth Strout
Rating: 4/5
  • A woman has a long hospitalization and her estranged mother visits her; they talk a lot, but most things are left unsaid
  • This is the first book of Strout’s that I remember being narrated in the first person; because of it, the story felt more raw, almost as if it was written by a different person. I do think Strout held back though, in the same way that Lucy thought Sarah held something back in her writing
  • The book ends with many things unresolved or unknown, to both the reader and narrator. It’s annoying, but true to life
  • It’s always strange to me when writers write about writers or meeting writers that are like the writer themselves. It’s a trend that was clever the first time I experienced it, but at this point it’s getting old