#65 — The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • The Lord of The Rings is actually three books or “volumes” — The Fellowship of the Ring; The Two Towers; The Return of the King
  • I didn’t particularly like the Hobbit and the fantasy/adventure genre isn’t really my thing. However, this book supposed to be one of the most best-selling novels ever written; therefore, I thought I should be a bit more open-minded about things. This mindset didn’t help me much; I slogged through it painfully
  • Some of the themes were very Harry Potter-esque and I had to remind myself that this book came first — the horcruxes are similar to the rings, Voldemort is a lot like Sauron, people are “chosen” or fated for their roles, there’s a magic mirror where you can see things, etc. etc.
  • If each volume was condensed into one sentence:
    • The Fellowship of the Ring: A Hobbit with a ring gets a multi-ethnic (?) team to protect him on his journey to destroy the ring, only to find that the team is disbanded as quickly as it was formed;
    • The Two Towers: People are doing their own thing and fighting separate battles which result in heavy losses or serious injuries for all;
    • The Return of the King: The ring is destroyed and most everything is restored to its natural order, making everyone laugh or cry with happiness.