TCS New York City Marathon Long Training Run #1 (07.23.16)

Course: 6 mile + 5 mile + 4 mile loops around Central Park

Weather: 81F degrees at 7 a.m.

Pace: around 10:30/mile (started with the 10:17 pacer group, but ended up behind them)

  • Decided to do the 20 mile training run as a method of forced exercise
  • Due to the weather, the 20 mile run was reduced to 15 miles. It then got cut shorter the day of the race; if you didn’t finish 11 miles within the two-hour mark, you weren’t allowed to do the last lap
  • Ended up only doing 6 miles and had a headache the rest of the day
  • I really enjoyed the announcements near the start line — it was a big lecture about not overdoing it, listening to your body, not being too psycho about your training regimen, etc.