#58 — Yes Please

Yes Please by Amy Poehler
Rating: 3/5
  • The first chapter about how hard and awful it is to write a book was torturous to read — fortunately, it does get better from there. However, it would also be understandable if people stopped reading. After all, if I went to a restaurant and ordered the daily special, and then proceeded to get berated by the chef about how annoying it was to make the food I’m about to pay for and eat, I would not be impressed…
  • I’ve been on a memoir kick lately (perhaps I’ve been following the “Related books” and “Recommended for you” sections a little too closely) and so far Amy is the one I’m probably the most like. This explains part of the unlikability factor, since I’ve been known to dispense that in mounds when the mood strikes or when a perceived injustice has occurred
  • There is some sound advice in there… the “trying not to care” about your career trajectory is a philosophy that I’ve also held dear to my heart. However, it has yielded ambiguous results, so I remain skeptical — as I get older, it starts sounding like a justification for not asking for what you think you deserve or want because it’s too hard to do so