NYCRuns Firecracker 5K (07.04.16)

Course: A 1.5 loop course around a small portion of Governor’s Island
Weather: 70 degrees at 9 a.m. but felt hotter
Pace: 8:55 per mile
  • Took the 7 a.m. ferry to Governors Island for a 9 a.m. race, and so spent a good deal of time watching the staff and volunteers set up
  • The race itself was better in theory than in practice — there was a lot of downtime in the beginning, but not a whole lot at the end — the ferry left at 11 but we had to wait around the race area/DJ station for the ferry departure announcement so you couldn’t really wander off
  • As NYCRuns grows as an organization and the participation increases, there’s a time where you have to mature and add structure — the no-corral thing worked in earlier years, but now you have a lot of first timers who don’t know anything about race day etiquette. This includes placing yourself at the back of the pack if you are going to walk and not walking in a straight line. These rules should be enforced by the race organizers but aren’t; it was less of a problem in the past when the implied rules were (mostly) followed, and the races attracted a certain type of experienced runner. As you get less experienced runners into the mix, adding these annoying rules and guidelines becomes a bit more necessary
  • I expected things to be open on July 4, but when we left at 11, there were very few runners left on the island and nothing was open. Couldn’t tell if it was closed, or if that’s normal
  • I felt like a movie extra/patient on the fictitious Shutter Island — a lot of the buildings were very majestic, but if you look inside the windows it’s all dilapidated. That plus having no people around made it a little creepy