The Color Run 5K (06.26.16)

The Color Run 5K 2016

Course: starts in and around Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine

Weather: hot

Pace: unknown, as the event is not timed

  • This is a race for people who don’t like running or are intimidated by the typical road race — there is no chip timing, and no mile markers. It suspiciously felt like less than a 5K and most people walked
  • The atmosphere is akin to a rave, except that it’s 9 a.m. in the morning and there are lots of children scampering about
  • The race is all about the swag — for the most “basic” package of $44.99, you get a race entry, a t-shirt, temporary tattoos, a sweatband, and a finishers medal. For extra money, you can buy tank tops, shorts, hats, water bottles, leis, sunglasses, bags, tutus, and more
  • The powder they throw at you burns when it gets in your eyes and tastes horrible
  • Personally, I would never, ever do this again but if this is what it takes to get people to be more active and start running, then so be it. I just wish it weren’t so blatantly profit-driven