#50 — Last Night

Last Night by David Salter
Rating: 2/5
  • A collection of short stories that end with the story that shares the title of the collection (Last Night). It turns out there many meanings to the title. The title is also is applicable to the other stories in the collection
  • It’s not fair to compare a writer to other writers, but… he’s no Raymond Carver. Carver has ability to make you feel something deeply (although most of the time, all you felt is deeply depressed); Salter tries to  capture that same level of intensity but I either felt nothing or was mildly annoyed.
  • What annoyed me was that while reading, I could tell that Salter was trying his hardest to create situations that were emotionally charged in an attempt to trigger an intense reaction within the reader, which felt manipulative. Carver made ordinary situations extraordinary — he made you feel something without seeming like he was trying or that he cared