Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon (05.21.16)

2016 Brooklyn Half
Course: the usual — starts in Grand Army Plaza, wraps around Prospect Park, goes down Ocean Parkway, straight to Coney Island
Weather: balmy — 58F with 60% humidity
Pace: 10:18/mile
  • It threatened to rain during the race — it was cloudy and dark, but luckily nothing fell
  • After running the same race 4 years in a row,  you start to notice small changes — no sparkly cheerleaders in Grand Army Plaza this year and a notable decrease in the number of bands playing on the sidelines
  • There were lots of Donald Trump signs — “If he can run, so can you,” that kind of thing. There was also a pillow with his face on it that you could punch as you ran by. Someone ran with a Bernie shirt, but no signs of Hilary Clinton
  • Started out pacing too quickly in the beginning and petered out at the end
  • It was also not a time to be experimenting with a new toy — a merino wool t-shirt. While it kept me cool and (somewhat) dry, I got some serious chafing under my right sleeve