#40 — A Doubter’s Almanac: A Novel

A Doubter’s Almanac: A Novel by Ethan Canin
Rating: 4/5
  • Part One seemed a little off and not quite right; Part Two was more palpable. If I’m reading the first page of Part Two correctly, Part One was written by the narrator of Part Two — so was it purposely written so that the reader feels disconnected? The entire section felt lacking
  • Although fiction, it takes a certain type of personality to write about math in such a convincing fashion
  • If the subject of math was missing from the book, and instead, was about a talented writer/artist/car mechanic who is an all-around horrible person, I don’t know if it would be as good of a book. It’s hard to tease apart exhaustive, detailed research from good writing
  • Despite this, it was nonetheless engaging, considering that the hardcover version is 551 pages