2016 Palisades Half Marathon (05.01.2016)

Palisades Half Marathon 2016

Course: Out and back course along the Palisade cliffs. Starts near the George Washington Bridge and you can see  the New York City skyline for most of the race

Weather: low 50s, rained the entire time

Pace: 10:36/per mile

  • It was not a trail run but one of the more challenging road races I’ve done; lots of steep uphills and downhills, a nice change from most NYC-area race courses, which are pretty flat
  • Water was plentiful along the course
  • Although in NJ, it was easy to get to using public transportation — took the A train to 175th, then took the first bus out of the station (all buses go across the bridge). Got out at the first stop, took a five minute walk to the parking garage, then took a shuttle to the start
  • The shirts are unisex and pretty ugly; the post-race spread was pathetic (store-bought bagels), but the pictures are free!