Souvlaki GR

Where: 162 W 56th (Between 6th and 5th Avenue), NYC, 10019
  • Didn’t make a reservation and was seated at the bar, since they were supposedly all booked up for the evening — when we left, lots of tables were still open so either a lot of people cancelled or they were liars
  • If they were worried about the number of reservations and walk-ins, they would have gotten our orders and made sure to get us out of the door quickly, but that didn’t happen. It took forever to get the menus and for the food to come
  • The wait wasn’t worth it — the presentation was cuter than typical street cart fare but didn’t taste better. Everything was covered in salt
  • Overall, the food was cheaper than what the ambiance suggests, so I can see the appeal to some people — those who are more interested in the atmosphere than the quality of the food