Burger and Lobster

Where: 39 West 19th (between 5th and 6th Avenue)
  • A restaurant that gives you 3 options: burger, full lobster, or lobster roll — all cost $20. Fries and salad are included
  • The best lobster rolls can be found in Maine, so I ordered the burger. Verdict: save $20 and go elsewhere — you are paying for the atmosphere, not for the food
  • Strange allocation of staff and space — first of all, there are two hostess stations. The first one is at the very front, which is by the only door and the bar. That is where you put in your name and number to be put onto the waiting list. When a table opens up, you will get a text with instructions that you to go to the second hostess station, which is located directly behind the first one. You then have to proceed by pushing through the first group of people who are trying to put in their names, the random people who are just standing around and waiting, as well as people hanging out at the bar. You then wait in a line with other people who got texts saying their table was ready
  • When we finally got a table in the basement room, it was very quiet. There were a lot of empty tables, a direct contrast to the chaos going on upstairs
  • Getting out was more insane than getting in — people were clogged up everywhere. We were about as trapped as those lobsters were in their glass tanks