Blue Hill

Where: 75 Washington Pl., New York, NY 10011 (between Washington Square Park and 6th ave)
  • A true farm to table restaurant — the ingredients come from their farm upstate
  • To say it was good is a complete understatement — this place is underrated and is completely worth the price tag. Save $10 a paycheck until you have enough to go and make the reservation — don’t wait until your taste buds are all dead
  • Perhaps they are undervalued because it’s understated all around: the inside of the restaurant looks like a bland hotel lobby; the menu has words used by normal folks like pizza and burrito; the food looks deceptively simple when you look at it. All of that stuff goes out the window once you start eating — then you can tell just how much time, effort and thought went into something that is so straightforward and complex at the same time
Farmer’s Feast ($98) on March 12:
  • TSAI-TSAI: cores, stems and leaves
  • SPANISH MACKEREL: in the style of a burrito, blood line vinaigrette
  • POTATO PIZZA: broccoli stems and leaves, gooseroni
  • BLUE HILL FARM PIG: carrot romesco sweet potato and fighter spinach
  • APPLES: ginger and toasted meringue
  • SPROUTED AND MALTED TRITICALE: white chocolate and beer ice cream
  • Also included: mini whole vegetables (carrot, turnip, radish); liver with chocolate, bread and butter, green tea mini-cakes with apricot jam