#22 — Blood Will Out

Blood Will Out by Walter Kirn
Rating: 4/5
  • The author (a journalist) was duped by a man who convinced him and many others that he was a Rockefeller. The book covers everything from Kirn’s first meeting with “Rockefeller”, Rockefeller’s trial, and his post-conviction contact with a person he regarded as a one time friend
  • If you binge-watch Dateline, Law and Order, or 20/20, this is the book for you
  • Kirn decided that the best way to conclude the book was to expound on his theory that Rockefeller murdered his own dogs. Since Rockefeller was convicted of much worse, I’m not sure why this was so important — by writing a book about being conned by a con-man, Kirn proved that he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was