My Name is Han

Where: 17 E 31st Street (between 5th ave and Madison)
  • Made a 5:45 reservation for 3. 2 of us came at 5:40 when the restaurant was empty. Nonetheless, we were made to wait outside in sub 30 degree weather until the 3rd person came 5 minutes later. Not a good start for a place that wants to differentiate themselves from the brusque (borderline rude) and cheaper restaurants closer to K-Town
  • Unlike the front of the house, the wait staff were all polite and very nice. There were a lot of them and seemed like they were hired because they were young and good-looking
  • The food is okay — the corn and potato croquettes and the sautéed rice cake with shishito peppers and kabocha were the cheapest and best things on the menu. The gochuchang marinated pork ribs were greasy and the spicy chicken jungol was disgusting — the chicken pieces (mostly wings) weren’t marinated or seared, just tossed in there, limp skin and all