Where: 35 East 21st Street (Between Park and Broadway)

  • Very fancy Mexican food done very well; there’s a lot of unique flavors but they are subtle and not too in-your-face
  • It was devoid of loud club music, which was nice. It was still pretty loud. The tables were spread out so it didn’t feel cramped and the space was large. The bathrooms downstairs were clean
  • It’s really expensive — our server suggested getting 3-4 plates per person. That’s ~$20 per plate and it’s not including drinks. However, if you get the duck carnitas ($69), you can share it with 4 people and still feel pretty full without ordering too many additional dishes. It’s only half a duck, but it’s fatty and filling (not in a gross way). Unfortunately, you don’t know any of this beforehand because it’s the last item to be presented
  • Ask the server about the guacamole option on the bottom right hand corner of the menu and you will get an amusing response. Just don’t order it because they might spit in your food

Dishes sampled on 2/22:

  • Mussel tostada, lettuce, pig’s feet, Mexican cucumber
  • Sliced raw fish, poblano, lime, avocado, black lime
  • Scallop aguachile, poached jicama, fresh wasabi-cucumber lime**
  • Cobia al pastor, pineapple puree, cilantro**
  • Beef tongue, lettuces, chicatana-coffee oil, nopal
  • Beets, charred corn salsa, farmer’s cheese
  • Tlayuda, black garbanzo, stracciatella, avocado, chicharron**
  • Crispy octopus, hazelnut mole pickled potatoes, watercress**
  • Duck carnitas, onion, radishes, salsa verde**
  • Husk meringue, corn mousse** (dessert)
  • Fried cinnamon tamal, Mexican spiced chocolate (dessert)

** Recommend