Austin Half Marathon (2.14.16)

Texas 2016Course: Crossed the river that splits Austin at the start and halfway mark; the route winds its way through SoCo and downtown neighborhoods, ending at the Capitol building. All throughout, there are little dips and hills — there was a particularly cruel climb at Mile 12
Weather: 50s with winds and clouds but no rain
Pace: 10:39/mile (sigh)
  • Got free street parking near the finish by showing up at 5:30 a.m. — stayed in the car for as long as possible before heading to the start
  • If nothing else, Texans are very polite. During the national anthem, you could hear a pin drop. This is unheard of in a NYC race, especially one that has 11,000+ runners in it
  • Another note on politeness — despite the course being crowded the entire time, there was hardly anyone pushing others or making weird gasping or wheezing noises that would inconvenience someone’s eardrum
  • There was a sizable crowd cheering people on, but it was the quietest, most modest cheering section I have ever witnessed in my life — most people were just standing around quietly and somberly, holding handmade signs
  • The post-race spread was pretty sad considering the $110 early-bird pricing — a banana, a clementine, some fruit in an cup, and cookies. For those who have intestines made of steel, the spectators offered beer at mile 3ish and 11ish as well as brownies