#14 — Between the World and Me

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Rating: 2/5
  • This book is about a man writing a letter to his teen-aged son about being black in America
  • There is a lot of praise surrounding the book, but it seems more about tackling the subject matter as an act, rather than the writing and quality of content. Without a doubt, there needs to be more books like this; it shouldn’t be the lone voice to represent the diverse voices that exist
  • Some parts were really moving, other parts I struggled to engage with; part of the problem was that it wasn’t organized in a way that made sense or was cogent. It was a bit of a lost opportunity, since it wasn’t compelling as it could have been
  • That being said, if you already buy into the ideas presented, it is reaffirming and validating; however, this will not be a revelation to those ignorant of the issues or not already active in the current discussions about race