#76 — Some Luck

Some Luck by Jane Smiley
Rating: 3/5
  • Some Luck spans 33 years starting from 1920 — each chapter is a year in the life of the Langdon clan, who are farmers from Iowa. There are alternating points of view from different members of the family within each chapter
  • Reading this made me want to re-read Grapes of Wrath, which I haven’t read since high school… So what does it mean for a book when if you read it, it inspires you to read another book?
  • There are a lot of family members and they marry and have kids, so it’s a lot to track; the people and their relationships with each another are very central to the story
  • The passage of time and the major historical events occurring during that time seem peripheral with the exception of the cold war. Compare this with the great depression and the second world war, which didn’t really figure into the story much at all
  • This is the first book out of a trilogy