NYRR Pete McArdle Cross Country 15K (11.22.15)

  • Course: A 5K course in Van Cortlandt Park that you run three times, each round more torturous than the next
  • Weather: overcast and gusty in the low fifties
  • Pace: ~10:20ish (times are not yet posted)
  • Although it’s a NYRR race, it seems like it was organized primarily by the Van Cortlandt Track Club (VCTC). They had the NYRR mats down and the timing chips on the bibs, but they also timed it old-school with a pencil and paper, so I’m not sure if the chip timing was just for show
  • The start cut through the playing fields and the people who had games on that field lined up and cheered everyone at the start
  • There was a crazy older European woman who berated the people standing next to me (they were listening to music on their headphones), telling them they were totally disrespectful to the sport of running. She stomped off in a huff and left a bunch of bewildered people in her wake. Most people probably didn’t even hear her because they had their earphones on…
  • The hills are steep, but running the VCTC summer series in the past helped with pacing and prevented me from going out too fast in the beginning
  • There was only one water stop, which was located at the end of each loop; given the colder weather, it wasn’t too bad