#74 — Beautiful You

#74 — Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk
Rating: 1/5
  • If the book wasn’t written by Palahniuk, you might not think it’s satire and take it seriously. Then again, this book wouldn’t have been published if this was a debut novel by an unknown writer
  • Beautiful You is supposed make a mockery of books like 50 Shades and Twilight. Rather than enlightening the masses to the stupidity of the genre, Palahniuk revealed more about his weird thoughts and inner life more than anything
  • The process of writing must have been quite masturbatory, as it gave Palahniuk a forum to be as strange and grotesque as possible. You got the nagging feeling the book served as a catharsis, and the justification for the work was wrapped up in the guise of railing against misogyny, bad literature, or whatever — the point of it all got lost along the way