Pipers Kilt

Where: 4946 Broadway, NYC, 10034 (@ 207th)
  • This is the opposite of a yuppie/hipster bar — the place and the people in it are pretty old-school. The place was surprisingly crowded, since it doesn’t loudly announce itself from the outside
  • The burgers are cheap and good. The cheddar burger is completely covered with melted yellow-orange cheese and the Eastchester burger comes with a heaping bowl of salty chili. The patty is thick, really juicy, and not burnt. Don’t expect to get lettuce and tomatoes with it — it’s not really a vegetable kind of place, unless you count potatoes and ketchup. Speaking of potatoes, the fries are also good
  • Don’t bother with the salads — that’s not what you’re there for. You’ve been warned… if you want arugula, candied walnuts, and quinoa, go across the street
  • The desserts are enormous; if you dare eat something after the burger, you can share. The apple crumble with ice cream hit the spot