Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5 Miler (10.25.15)

Course: a counter clockwise 5 mile loop in Central Park, cutting off the steepest hill in the most northern part of the park
Weather: 57 degrees with rain
Pace: 9:22
  • The weather was pretty mild for this time of year. The first time I ever signed up for this race, it got cancelled because of the weather. It did start raining the minute the race started — ick!
  • Feeling the effects of the trail run still — knees were temperamental. I was distracted for a time by older people in NYC marathon gear with large plastic bags picking ginkgo nuts on the side of the road — did they make a detour from the race or was the marathon running gear just the most comfortable item of clothing they owned?
  • I was sad about the t-shirts. They used to make their shirts using American Apparel t-shirts. Now it’s just a heavy generic cotton shirt which will be immediately donated