#65 — Running and Being: The Total Experience

Running and Being: The Total Experience by George Sheehan
  • Rating: 1/5
  • The first 8 chapters are terrible if you are not George Sheehan or his clone. If you are a Type-A skinny cheapskate who has a burning need to run 24/7, then you’ve found your soulmate. Perhaps I’m hatin because I’m a Type-B back-of-the-pack cheapskate, and every last particle of my 103 lb gymnast body resists the thought of long-distance running
  • The later chapters are a little more universal but I’m still not bought. He’s actually the type of runner that I hate — the heavy breather who curses at every step, allows you to block the wind for the majority of the race, only to push you out of the way at the finish line. The title of the book seems more zen than that, but it’s actually not zen at all