Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon (10.04.15)

Paine to Pain Sept 2015

  • Course: starts near the Thomas Paine cottage in New Rochelle and goes in a big loop of mostly trails, interrupted by the occasional road (manned by vigilant volunteers and police)
  • Weather: low 50s — in other words, perfect running weather
  • Pace: 11:48/mile
  • Took the BX12 bus from 207th street in Manhattan to the Metro North stop in Fordham. From Fordham, it was 3 stops to New Rochelle, where we took a taxi to the race. It seemed more like a pain in theory than it actually was. Split the fare with another runner
  • Arrived on the earlier train, so we had plenty of time to get our bibs and freeze to death — waited until the last possible minute to shed everything. Ran in shorts and a t-shirt, which was the correct choice, although I questioned that choice while I waited with people in my wave
  • There was a guy in his 20s wearing period clothing who shot a musket at the start. Poor guy looked a bit hungover but he added a nice quirky touch to the whole event
  • Ran in Wave 4 and didn’t heed the advice that was given to us middle-to-back-of-the-packers, which was to run conservatively for the first half, since it is more challenging than the second half. I didn’t do that and was toast at the end, but I did get to enjoy the nice scenery since I was not looking down at the ground as much
  • Of the small number of trail runs I’ve done, I’ve discovered that I much prefer the vibes of trail races — the runners are less uptight (no one was doing crazy yoga poses or skipping backwards), a hundred times more civil, and talk much, much less about their times
  • Because the course was on the trail for the most part, there weren’t many water stations, so it’s best to bring your own if you are accustomed to frequent water stops — they warn you about that plenty in advance through emails and on the race site, so do heed the warning
  • The post-race spread was impressive for a small race — I stuffed myself with burgers, pasta and green juice, then laid down on the AstroTurf for a long time. I did not partake in the free massage
  • Finding a taxi back to the train station was not fun, since everybody was trying to do this at the same time and the drivers had no idea who was calling them. I waited by the bus stop while waiting for a cab to arrive, since it appeared that one of the routes passes by the station. However, I didn’t see a single bus while waiting…