NYRR Bronx 10 Miler (09.27.15)

Bronx 10 Mile 2015

  • Course: Started near Yankee stadium, went north up the Grand Concourse, turned around at Lehman and came back
  • Weather: cold! 56F Degrees, 75% Humidity,10 mph winds
  • Pace: 9:26/mile
  • It was a relief to run in cold weather after the brutal heat of the summer. The bad thing about running in cold weather is waiting for the race to begin
  • The music while waiting was nice; I think they used a Bronx DJ
  • Confirmed my hate of Europeans and cyclists, especially if they are suspected of being both — near the end of the race, a group of people got cursed out in French by an older gentleman who thought he was more important than the people who were getting water at the hydration stations. I hate to break it to the man, but he is not going to win, and he should be a little more humble if he’s with the middle-to-back-of-the-packers. His outfit revealed he was a possible cyclist — many runners may agree with me that bikers deserve a special place in hell, especially the loud obnoxious ones in Central Park