Rockapulco End of Summer Half Marathon (08.29.15)

Rockapulco Half Marathon 2015

  • Course: Starting on Beach 18th-ish street in Far Rockaway and going back and forth on the boardwalk between Beach 9th street and Beach 60th street
  • Weather: hot as hell; no cloud or breeze in sight
  • Pace: 10:58/mile
  • A long run by the beach sounds great in theory; in reality, running by the beach usually means no shade whatsoever. One of the more brutal summer runs I’ve experienced, despite the course being extremely flat, and springy (because of the boardwalk!)
  • This is a runner’s race; prices are low, the bibs very low-tech (you were handed a chip encased inside a plastic bag, which you pin on and give back at the end of the race — bonus points for being environmentally friendly!), no medal at the end (if you run a lot of races, you don’t know what to do with the medals anyway)
  • The water stations were unique; there weren’t that many, and they handed you whole 12 oz bottles of water, rather than cups. Most of the water ended up on my head, in the trash, or up my nose. It negates having the environmentally friendly timing chips when there’s 1000 plastic bottles all over the beach