Samurai Mama

  • Where: 205 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Although I prefer hot, got the cold udons to be appropriate for the season
  • We ordered one of the more traditional udons (sansai) to the least (tomato garlic)
  • The udon was denser and chewier than most — it almost had the texture of an uncooked noodle (it wasn’t, obviously) and it took some getting used to. Hard to slurp, due to the weight of each noodle
  • The sansai was okay — it tasted like the packaged kind you can get at Japanese grocery stores. Some of the vegetables were too fibrous — even if it is wild mountain plants, it shouldn’t have the texture of hay. The broth was mild
  • The tomato/garlic udon was mounded with fresh kale and tomatoes with sauce that was like a watered down version of pasta sauce. It wasn’t bad, but it had a strong garlic flavor that was good upon first taste, but can quickly get tired of
  • The gyoza was fluffy and seemed to have a thin layer of potato starch juice to make all of the dumplings join together in a fan, but wasn’t anything special