I love Paraguay

Where: 4316 Greenpoint Ave, Sunnyside, NY 11104
  • Get ready to eat — if you don’t like beef, starch, and fried food, don’t bother. All of the food was good. Skip the Guarani soda –36g of sugar in one serving. That’s 9 teaspoons! Save your calories for something more worthy:
    • Chipa guazu: corn bread with cheese and chunks of actual corn. It’s like creamed corn soup made into bread, topped with browned cheese
    • Vori vori de pollo: chicken soup with corn balls. Large pieces of chicken on the bone served in a thick broth, punctuated with little dumpling-things made out of cornmeal
    • Empanadas — the ones we got were all beef from what I could tell: Carne, Chilena, Mandioza. Inside all of them were cut up boiled eggs, which was kind of weird/awesome. The carne was pretty salty, the last two were my favorites
    • Cabbage salad with palms — it had a generous helping of feta cheese and plenty of dressing. Not the most healthy, but being healthy isn’t the point of coming here
    • Forgot the real name, but the beef and cassava burger with fries. The patty was like a blended Shepard’s pie, if you only leave behind the meat and starch. It is then fried, then slid between two fluffy buns, with tomato and lettuce = heaven