Cherche Midi

Where: 282 Bowery (@ Houston Street)

  • Atmosphere: swanky but not stuffy
  • Appetizers: foie gras, heirloom tomato salad, summer squash salad. Winner: foie gras (to be expected)
  • Mains: roasted chicken breast with gnocchi, suckling pig, steak frites. Winner — the chicken, surprisingly. The skin was very crispy and the meat pretty moist, just not enough gnocchi. The suckling pig was dry and TINY — the mid-western American hidden deep inside me silently protested. Steak frites, cooked rare and bloody, was tough and stringy. The fries weren’t anything to write home about either. For $22-29, there is better food in the world
  • Dessert: the raspberry and chocolate souffles — fluffy, dairy, sugar goodness. Lactose intolerance be damned
  • Overall, it was a nice place and the service was good. When we arrived at 630, it wasn’t crowded but was lively by the time we left at 830. Surprisingly, we weren’t rushed out. For the amount of money we paid, the food wasn’t particularly mind-blowing; however, I feel that way about 99% of French food, so perhaps I’m being overly harsh