NYRR Queens 10K (6.21.15)

Queens 10K 2015
  • Course: around Flushing Meadows Corona Park
  • Weather: 71 degrees, 94% humidity
  • Pace: 9:34/mile
  • The race was delayed by an hour due to heavy rain, so we got an extra hour of sleep. However, the trains stopped running at Queensboro Plaza due to a signal malfunction and all of us were stranded — unfortunately, it wasn’t close enough for us to run to the park. While waiting for a bus with a thousand other people, we were somehow invited by two random runners to hop into their cab
  • 10 minutes later, we collectively found out that the park was undergoing construction and cars were not allowed in. The taxi driver dropped us off on the side of the highway. After cutting through a swampy marsh, we found ourselves in the middle of the race course. We then had to run 1+ miles to get to the start line, towards a large group of runners who had already started!
  • By the time we arrived at the start, we were 30+ minutes past the official start, and the mats were pulled away. We had to ask a number of people where the start was, and was lead to some dead ends until we found someone who told us to pass through a hidden sensor on the side of the road, which was directly on the path of the finish line. Ended up dodging and weaving to avoid the elite runners who were already circling back and finishing their race
  • I’ve never run a race where the majority of people had a 30 minute head start; it was very quiet. I also had a new-found appreciation for the volunteers who have to stay and cheer during the entire race, which can be very long!
  • The fountain with the giant globe was spraying fountains of water, which was quite a sight and nice to finish to