NYCRUNS Try Audiobooks Riverside Park Series (Spring/Summer 2015)

  • Description: an 8 race series on Wednesday nights during the spring/summer. $60 for the entire series is a steal; a good built-in midweek workout
  • Course: a 5K course that starts and ends at 108th; a mixture of a skinny dirt path and paved walking path filled with soccer kids and dog walkers


  • When: May 13 @ 7pm
  • Weather: Cold! 59F, but the wind, the setting sun, and the clouds didn’t help
  • Pace: 8:30/mile
  • Waiting to run in cool weather is torture, but running in cool weather is great; almost killed a small child chasing a soccer ball; overhearing random people watching us on the trail (“what are all those people DOING?”) was amusing


  • When: May 27 @ 7pm
  • Weather: Rainy. Crazy lightning while waiting, the rain started to pour as the gun sounded
  • Pace: 8:37/mile
  • Was encouraged by a person near the finish line to not let the two guys behind me beat me


  • When: June 10 @7pm
  • Weather: high 70s, low 80s-ish
  • Pace: 9:10/mile
  • Didn’t seem so hot until the race started… then I felt like a fish pulled out of the water, gasping its last breaths on land. Never felt more tired, out of breath, cramped up and generally awful. It was worse running this 5K than running a marathon. I’m still not quite sure what happened


  • When: June 24 @7pm
  • Weather: 80s
  • Pace: 9:03/mile
  • After the last run, I decided to take it easy on the first mile. The strategy didn’t really work. It was hot hot hot and I felt awful and weak by the third mile. I wish I was better in hot weather but alas, it’s not to be


  • When: July 15 @7pm
  • Pace: 9:11/mile


  • When: July 22 @7pm
  • Pace: 9:02/mile

Race #7

  • When: August 5 @7pm
  • Weather: 85F
  • Pace: 8:58/mile