NYCRuns Queens Half Marathon (4.12.15)

Queen Half Marathon 2015

  • Course: Crazy loops around the Flushing Meadows Corona Park — I have no idea where I went or what I did but we did the same course twice.
  • Weather: 40s — it was cool before the start, but I resisted the urge to pile on a bunch of clothes that I would have to get rid of or run with
  • Pace: 10:15/per mile
  • I love NYCRuns but they aren’t usually good with water stations; therefore, I was pleasantly surprised that water and Gatorade was plentiful — there was one almost every mile
  • The two-hour train ride into Queens was no good but the park was interesting to look at and run through. Much more interesting than Central Park
  • I had my watch with me and the mile markers got wonky starting at Mile 4. My finish time was slower than my average, but it appears the pace time was adjusted automatically by the organizers to make up for the extra distance? (Update: they must have messed up the prelim pace calculations because it was fixed later, with a slower pace time.)
  • The last time I went for a run was 3 miles last Saturday. The time before that was when I ran the Frozen Penguin Half Marathon in March… That’s bad. Note to self: get it together, woman.