NYCRuns Frozen Penguin Half Marathon (3.7.15)

march 2015

  • Course: In the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn. A long running path goes along the water, passes under the Verrazano bridge and offers a good view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The recent snowstorm made conditions icy and organizers had to make changes at the last minute.
  • Weather: 30F, but feels like 12 at 9:00AM
  • Pace: 10:12 per mile
  • Race was delayed to wait for people who had to go the bathroom, which was irritating since we were all freezing — isn’t that why we have chip timing?
  • The path hugs the water and a highway — I couldn’t help but wonder how much exhaust we were breathing in… fingers crossed that the ocean breeze blew the pollution above our heads rather than directly into our lungs!
  • The altered course had us run 2.5 miles from the start, then back; run out 2 miles, then back; run out 2 miles, then back to the finish
  • Even with the altered course, there were big icy patches — I didn’t see anyone sprawled out or see clusters of medical personnel so I assume all went well for people
  • With 3 out-and-backs, you saw the same people over and over again. It fun to see the front-runners jockeying for first place but was sad to get lapped
  • The icy patches limited the space of the path in certain places, but most people were cool and ran single file to let the people on the other side pass
  • They informed us that the finisher medals were still in transit and therefore didn’t have them on hand. If this was someone’s first or second half it would be disappointing, but at what point does having a finisher medal no longer matter?
  • The post-race spread was bountiful although I didn’t stay long enough to take full advantage — the cream cheese along with a fresh-baked bagel is always appreciated
  • The long walk back to the train was painful (my sweat was starting to freeze and I’m terribly out of shape); luckily we were saved by a passing bus — I’ve never been more grateful for public transportation than at that moment