2014 NYCRuns Frozen Bonsai Half Marathon (12.14.14)

Frozen Bonsai Half 2014

  • Course: 3 loops around Central Park
  • Weather: Cold — 38F at 9 a.m
  • Pace: 9:53/mile
  • Post-race spread was plentiful — bagels with cream cheese, blackberries (happiness at spotting the berries was temporarily extinguished by the crazy old lady behind the table guarding the berries with her life), hot chocolate which tasted like straight Hershey chocolate syrup (gross, but good)
  • Don’t understand the competitiveness of my fellow back of the packers — winning is not even a remote possibility, so just relax, please. Keep your shoving, farting, spitting, cutting people off and gasping for air to a minimum