2014 TCS Marathon (11.2.14)

2014 TCS Marathon

Finish Time: Ambled in, but 15 minutes faster than the year before so I’m happy (5:13). Good news: with this time, I qualify for the Boston Marathon — if I’m an 80+ year old woman. Who are these people who qualify?! Kudos to them, it will never be me.

Temperature: According to the NYRR: 43°F, 48% humidity, sustained wind 31 mph, gusts to 45 mph, wind chill 32°F. So basically, stay inside with a nice cup of tea and watch Law and Order SVU. Thankfully, no rain.

Strategy going in:

  • Run a half marathon and walk the rest as a matter of last resort.
  • Run it like it’s your last, because why do it again.
  • Finish if at all possible — too many people at work know, have been asking questions for weeks, and are tracking me on their phone apps. Silent curse to technological advancements and thoughtful co-workers.
  • Retain all bodily functions — hold onto any shred of dignity.
  • No music listening this year — people watch instead.


  • Spectators are very nice people. They provided Kleenex, musical entertainment, high-fives, Hersey Kisses, bananas, and even little glasses of mystery juice in Harlem. I took full advantage of the food options.
  • Tired people do awkward things. The runner next to me chucked a banana peel and hit a spectator, then proceeded to apologize profusely, wave around his arms for a bit as if trying to touch the person he hit, then staggered away. The victim stood there and cheered after him.
  • Williamsburg is no longer filled with hipsters. They look to be my age. Not cool or hip at all. What is happening.
  • I felt a little weepy and sentimental at the end but sobered up quickly when I had to walk another 500 miles to get my recovery bag, poncho, and get to the subway. Although I got talked into doing this a second time, and it’s a race like no other, it’s great to have done it, blah blah blah — never, never, never again. Famous last words…